North End Connector

It is interesting to note that the rail trail did not even exist when the plans were laid for the North End Connector.  Work has already commenced on the trail this year as the the planned North End Connector sits on the shelf.  While the 3 lanes of Highway 97 will be completed this year I fail to see where the big improvement will be with it ending at Edwards Road. 

Anyone who was forced to use this Highway last summer was witness to the congestion and could see the desperate need for an alternate route. Just imagine how much traffic could use this alternate route not only across the city but also to the every increasing demands of UBC and the Airport. 

It appears our Mayor and council only want to appease the developers and fail to consider how these developments will further impede traffic. Perhaps more of us should have donated to the political campaigns of our council as seemingly this is how things get done. It is beyond time to fast track this improvement.

Don Williams

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