Spend at home not offshore

It's a political world in which we deal with in many issues and sadly the norm ever since the temporary measure of income tax to support the war cause was introduced and never withdrawn. The politicians have just kept at it, not unlike the Baron's and Royalty of England taxing the Serfs and the poor and destitute into worse situations than they were in then and now our government's seem quite content to do the same to us.

We need change and even when that was promised, it was a lie. Sadly, there seems few who have the smarts, the logic, or the wherewithal to figure out how to do better things for their fellow countrymen than to just keep raising taxes and making themselves bulletproof to those same taxes and then have the gall to take the people's tax money and spend billions of it offshore while we have so many poor, destitute and maltreated Canadian living here in Canada. Our Veterans, those maimed and injured in heart, mind, body and soul, our First Nations and Indigenous people, our seniors who put a lifetime of taxes into the system and now struggle on low and fixed incomes, our infrastructure that suffers while hundreds of millions of our tax dollars go elsewhere offshore.

It isn't rocket science to figure this out. Cut the frivolous offshore spending by about 90% and see how much would now be available in “at home budgets” to care for our Veterans, First Nations, elderly and needy Canadians. We now are a nation of “food banks” which hardly makes sense when we use the taxpayers money to send hundreds of millions elsewhere in this world rather than care for our own and therein lies the catch, looking after our own first.

I tire, as do countless other Canadians of the political bafflegarb and bunk about them lying about just pretty much everything they do. So many here in Canada who pay into the political machine do without, I am not suggesting the storming of the Bastille, but something has to change soon as we yet again are facing a government who does little or nothing for those here in Canada. Why? Because it may cost a few hundred million, while sending tens of thousands of millions elsewhere in the world that does nothing for those who have sent in trillions of dollars in income tax and have little to show for doing it. Yes change is needed and a whole new philosophy on the way we do business, but I guess being a hero in other nations for spending the taxpayers dollars there is more important than being a hero here at home.

Having integrity and being honourable you need to do it here at home first for your fellow countrymen, those that fill the government coffers with their hard earned incomes. They have to change, they must change and they must do it now because they are either for their fellow countrymen or against us and if they are against us, then a new order is needed. It doesn't seem that there are not too many political parties functioning at this time that are for us.

Be well, God bless the Canadian people in all walks of life. May the hundreds of millions they pour into the system be used to benefit them and the needs of this nation. May the ears and the eyes of the governments of this nation see the financial needs of this nation and look after it with the money that comes from the people of this nation. God Bless Canada.

Dave W. Palmer

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