Ongoing disturbing policies

Once again the Liberals drag their feet on Kinder Morgan and the 10,000 plus jobs across Canada that would be created. No direct action to push the pipeline through. Contrast that with the heavily subsidized Bombardier C Series jets that create 1300 jobs in Canada plus thousands more in the UK and USA where the Federal Government immediately went to the International Trade Dispute Courts and cancelled the fighter jet purchases from Boeing to defend Central Canadian Jobs and elite business owners.

Liberal Politics, not Canadian national interests and jobs, killed Northern Gateway Pipeline which was thoroughly vetted and had the support of First Nations who partnered with the oil industry and shared in profits. No, by simply embargoing tankers in Northern Pacific waters, rather than enforcing the negotiated environmental protection put in place, the Trudeau Liberals killed that opportunity.

Energy East reversing an existing pipeline flow and extending it through to New Brunswick was feasible and would have created another 6 or 7,000 jobs across Canada was not supported either. Instead in Atlantic Canada and Quebec we allow foreign oil tankers from ISIS territory, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela, and other deplorable counties to annually bring in over a billion barrels of oil and we lose Jobs, taxes and kill an entire economy based on propaganda and foreign funded anti Canadian protest groups.

BC continues to support American oil imports as the West Coast American refineries annually tanker into Vancouver/Victoria harbours, millions of barrels of processed avgas, diesel, and auto gas. Where are the environmental assessments and protests against those risks Mr Trudeau?

Now we have a trade war, Mr Horgan kills jobs in all Canada and now Ms. Notley retaliates and kills jobs in BC with wine, beer, electricity, Northern BC gas transmission embargos for Alberta to their markets etc etc. We lived through this with Pierre the father and now Justin the son, but that is the Liberal way, kill the Western aspirations, protect Central Canada, while subsidizing the Maritime economies.

So while thousands of shovel ready Canadian jobs are lost, Mr. Trudeau goes to California to plead for possible jobs in Ontario from the richest companies in the world, lead by the elitists of the US political system.

It is disgusting!    

Doug Waines

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