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I agree wholeheartedly. The Single Transferable Vote is elegant, simple and utterly fair.  It’s so good, the powerful people of all stripes had to make sure it was defeated. Multimember plurality is okay but includes first past the post voting and also lists. I believe it is possible to have the lists democratically elected and only MMP with such lists should be part of the choice, if any, on the referendum. 

There is a third alternative that no one is talking about. It is a mix of MMP and STV depending on riding geography. This option is called Flexible District PR. Rural communities are buying the lie that they will be controlled by the larger centers, for example the Northern region has eight MLA’s. It will keep eight MLA’s, the only change will be how the voter chooses the candidate.

The details of the voting system can be worked out by elections BC and another Citizens’ Assembly. Of greatest importance is that we bring in Proportional Representation. Perhaps a simple mandate question asking if you want to keep FPTP or change to a fairer PR system might be best. It’s easy for the no side to entangle us in the weeds and arouse fear and confusion with their half truths and outright lies.

Nancy Leathley

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