Time to speak with others

As Trump has complaint after complaint about Canada's exports to the US being unfair, non friendly, etc., I think the time has far passed for Trudeau to stop engaging in "conversation" with both the Trump administration, any press and seriously progress with "conversations" to other countries wanting or willing to import from Canada, or export here to Canada. Without getting into,"the deep water" of politics, human rights, etc. Just get a "feel" for what those other countries are interested in talking about which might engage Canada, trade or military wise or even research wise.
Nothing is written in stone, (except maybe the "ten commandments", if you believe in that) If Trump also feels it is unnecessary for the US to defend Canada, well I assume his ego let's him believe that no other world power could capture Canada in a military maneuver and use Canadian soil to move their arsenals onto Canadian soil and attack US from that stand point.
I might not care for Trump one little bit, but Trudeau and Canada sure could benefit from a little,Trump ideology, with a large twist,  "Canada first"! Having said that, Trudeau and the provinces need to dissolve a lot of provincial boundary red tape, biases, tariffs, taxes and trade in order to unify Canada. Unifying against all new generational, technical, humanitarian, climate wise, world changing events, possible threats and executions of those threats. 

Maybe by dropping some intro provincial issues, Canada can survive without the USA? At least in the short term. 

Catherine Knox

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