Hard to feel compassion

Orchard Park is having increasing issues dealing with homeless, transients and panhandlers. Over the last 3 days my wife and I have been stopped 3 times in the mall by these people.

Today I was told obscenities by one of them for refusing to give him money. The mall does not have enough security and many of them are inept. The mall is increasingly becoming an unfriendly place. These issues were never present with the old security company. Cheaper isn't always better that's for sure.

For all you people who think we need to help these people, more shelters, more programs, free needles, safe injection sites, etc, etc. I suggest you start letting one of these people into your home every night so you can experience these people first hand. Some are alright, the rest will rob you blind. 

Feel compassion for them? Not anymore.

Jon Kyogre

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