Fixing pot holes

My father worked for the Department of Highways in Alberta and also for the city of Drumheller in Alberta many years ago. He often was on pot hole duty and the method used then was a little more work but rarely did a pothole have to be re done.

Their method was to remove the water with a mop if it was raining, use their torch to heat and dry the hole, then if needed some gravel was added to fill and heated again. Hot tar was sloshed around with another mop in the hole and up around the top edge. Asphalt was added and tamped down with a heavy bar attached to a large base plate and some hot tar was added around the edge to help seal out the water. The truck then backed over the patch as a final compact. The cones were left in place on that side of the road for a few minutes before opening for traffic. Months later you could see that the patches were still in place and in some cases the patch still held while asphalt around was going again.

Not sure how it is done today but I can assure that method really worked. I know it is harder today as there is much more traffic but I would rather have a little delay than keep having the holes re-appear the next day. The traffic just rolls that 2 cent patch right out in a day or 2. Guess it might just be a little too much work to do it like that today.

Stan Ludwig

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