Parking frustrations

As a student at Okanagan College, I find the parking on this campus is extremely frustrating. I saw someone had said they spend up to 20 minutes a day driving around looking for parking. I spend on average, 25-45 minutes a day driving around to find parking.

I commute to and from Summerland everyday, which makes this extra time I spend doing laps around the campus that much more irritating. I love the school and the people that attend and work there, but something needs to be done about the parking issue. Every year enrollment increases, which means there are more students and staff to accommodate, and even less parking. I realize that they’ve allowed for parking at the church down the road, but you’re still required to buy a pass, which isn’t much cheaper than a regular pass. Not to mention the walk from that parking lot is terrible in the winter and far when you have to carry 3+ textbooks at any given time.

My classes run back-to-back everyday, so I wouldn’t have time to walk down to my car and switch books and run back to class even if I was parked close. The sad part is that staff are affected by the problem as well. If you arrive at the college after 8am you’re driving around aimlessly hoping to find a spot. Unfortunately driving is my only option, as well as a lot of other people’s, which is why there’s a problem in the first place.

If Okanagan College is going to maintain growing student and staff populations, they really need to look into development for a parkade so that we all have a place to park our vehicles! This will ensure students can enjoy days with less stress. It’s hard enough maintaining grades and attendance with just assignments and everyday life! Worrying about parking and getting ticketed or towed should be the last of a person’s concerns.

Nicolle Johnson

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