Cash cows

ICBC has been a "cash cow" for the government and is still a "cash cow" for lawyers.

The simple solution for ICBC is to raise the rates. They had a surplus allowing the Liberals to siphon off millions of dollars, so they should be able to build that surplus back up even with no rate increase. If they increase the rates, they'll get back to having a surplus again quickly, but will the rates go down when they achieve this? Not on your life!

The head of ICBC is getting paid huge money to run the corporation, but is not coming up with any answers, except raise the rates, even I could do that! Their has to be limits on payouts or the lawyers of crash victims will run ICBC into the ground while getting very rich themselves in the process. Are private insurance companies in the other provinces having this problem? I'm told not, or they wouldn't be in business. They're thriving, as are all insurance companies.

BC Hydro was another "cash cow" for the government and the simple solution there is also raise the rates. How are the middle, lower and fixed income earners able to survive and function with all these rate increases. The wealthy politicians and CEO's make all the important decisions but have no idea how we live, sad.

Robert Harris

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