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In two town hall meetings with the PM when asked by severely wounded veterans when he was going to bring back the life long disability pension and live up to his promises. The Law Suit Equitas where government is in litigation to have veterans come under the Pension Act, he blatantly told the veterans, government can’t afford what they want.

Now this is really funny, sad and serious all at the same time, with the approx 40,000.00 pensions after six years MPs would receive but now not until some are 55 and all the rest are 65 years old, with their wages of an ordinary MP to be around 170,000.00 per year and a cabinet minister over 200,000.00 per year and are the people who put our military in harms way (by the way the military are the only force or group in Canada who cannot refuse to be placed in harms way), Trudeau has the gall to say government cannot afford to pay them for their wounds. The Cpl who challenged Trudeau was missing one leg and his wages may have been 50,000.00 per year while in uniform, they as all military are on call 24 hrs per day 365 days of the year. The military pension after 25 years may be 2000.00 per month less taxes and in case you don't know, the military do pay for their own pensions as was brought in by the Liberals in 1965/66. So if you have the time to compare 2K for 25 years and 40K for six years you will now understand my statement, funny, sad and serious.

So are we who serve in the military Canadians or not? Under the Pension Act which is what Equitas is all about, normal working Canadians are treated differently from the military citizen, why is that? The military have no unions to back them up, the rank and file cannot complain and if they do, they are chastised for doing so, they are told what they can and cannot do and say and yes, we signed onto this but no one every told me when I joined I would lose most of my rights unlike other Canadians!

Yes if you don't like it get out, a lot do after their three or five year stint in uniform and would you believe it, these veterans have nothing to show for their service. You wold think Canada would at least give them a medal which they could proudly wear every 11th of November, but Canada has not the funds to help the veteran but can donate 5 billion dollars per year to foreign aide? Another 10 million per person where our dual citizens were badly treated. If you think they were badly treated, spend a few months in uniform.

So PM Trudeau and our MP, Major retired S. Fuhr who needs to step up to the plate and make changes so we Canadians may come under the Pension Act, get a medal for service to Canada, and seriously do away with the age 65 claw back where veterans have their pensions clawed back by around 30% when they turn 65 howver MPs and SCC Judges do not. 

We are all citizens of Canada!

Dale Dirks

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