Sign against the law?

I was shocked that the "For Sale because neighbour is an a****le" sign was against the law. I drive down the highway and am forced to look at fetuses and abused dogs all the time and a word makes the by-laws officers act?  I am amazed and disgusted. 

One person destroys a neighbourhood and gets away with it. Obviously not what you know but who you know in this Okanagan. I know what its like to have horrific neighbours, I have a few who live behind my home. Smoke crack on their back deck, have parties every single weekend all summer, turn their TV on full blast so even the neighbours 1/2 block away have to listen to some soccer/football/baseball game or music that is not to our taste. Just nasty, but since they do these things during the day, it is not considered an offence.  Well my neighbours and I think it is offensive. 

There is one in every neighbourhood, one nasty evil person who doesn't believe people have the right to own pets, or walk in their town and suddenly the by-laws officers swoop down. My experience with the one by-laws officer I had to deal with was humiliating. I live in an area where there are no sidewalks but a lot of agricultural trucks, so people pull their cars off the road as far as possible. While in Kelowna I did the same thing, unfortunately my car was on a walkway about 4", the by-laws officer was rude abusive and threatening, so my opinion of by-laws officers in Kelowna is pretty well zero.

Hope the next owner of that property in Kelowna is a very nasty self-righteous snob like the one who lives next door, bullies seem to rule the day.

Kerry Kozak

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