Put pro back in professional

I would like to think that when I visit a Doctor or other health care professional, that they are indeed Professional and look professional. For example wear a white smock or whatever it's called and save their casual look for non-office hours.

Not long ago I visited a medical specialist office but before seeing the Specialist, a woman in street cloths and a clipboard came into the room and began asking me all kinds of health related questions. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I finally asked her when will the specialist will be seeing me, she replied I am the specialist. 

Well excuse me, but how is a patient supposed to know?  No introduction, no name tag, just personal questions.   
I mean, how would you feel if you saw your airplane pilots wearing jeans and t-shirt? Not very confidence inspiring and certainly not professional.

How are people supposed to feel about health care professionals returning to wearing the more professional white office coat in-order to look professional and thus return a feeling of confidence to us needing help.

Don Donnelly

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