Legalized cannabis

It seems next summer will bring on a new wave of pot smokers. It will be perfectly legal and from the number of producers coming out of the woodwork it seems there will be pot everywhere.

So, what happens to those millions of buts? I understand that it will be allowed to smoke weed anywhere smoking is allowed, so it is safe to assume that a large quantity will be disposed of on the sidewalks and roadways of every community.

In Kelowna that means that those buts (THC) will make their way through the storm sewer and into Okanagan Lake. The THC will join the opioids and other chemicals dumped there from the sanitary sewer system. Is it any wonder our marine life is struggling? After doing damage in the lake, those chemicals come back in our drinking water and irrigate our crops, so we all get to share.

If we keep poisoning our food and ourselves, we may not have to worry about climate change. Thanks Justin.

On a side note, if it is ok to smoke pot on the street corner, why can’t I have a beer or glass of wine? Liquor has been legal since prohibition and they are both intoxicating substances.

Gord Marshall

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