How do you spell boycott?

Response to Bethany's "Perks vs Wages", well said girl! Couldn't agree with you more. Capitalism at it's finest. That sense of entitlement we see every day, everywhere!

If you can't afford to pay your staff a livable wage, then you shouldn't be in business. You are guilty of taking  advantage of people, good, honest hard working just trying to make a living but barely getting by. These are people that live in expensive area's like Toronto, Vancouver, the Okanagan. People that need to have 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. The working poor if you will, created by people that may have had good intentions until they saw how much money is to be made as a franchise owner, it is just that, a license to print money.  Its okay for them to live "high on the hog" and enjoy the wealth but oh no, don't cut into their bottom line. "I can't pay my staff more, oh I will have to increase my pricing and pass it on to the consumer" who, guess what is the other guy working a minimum wage job! Then you want to take away paid breaks and benefits? Wow.

I think the definition of "minimum wage" has been changed or misinterpreted over time. Lets remember minimum wage is just that, the minimum they have to pay someone to work, which seems to have become their excuse and reasoning to not pay more. Or they don't need to pay more because "oh well that's the minimum wage so that's all that is required".
Oh, and the cop out they need to increase prices, well that's a lie, again capitalism. After crunching numbers with their accountants, they think they do because to pay their employees more cuts into their bottom line and that means they may not be able to put that extra Mercedes in the driveway or buy that vacation home in the South of France, or bonuses to CEO's will be affected. You poor business owner, shame on you. You have forgotten you were once that young girl or boy flipping burgers or pouring coffee at minimum wage, trying to save for a car or college or worse yet, trying to figure out if you pay your heat bill or buy groceries. 

Now we see why unions were formed! That's my 2 cents.

Darlene Stewart

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