Electoral referendum

Within the next ten months our province will have a third and final referendum on electoral reform. During that time I'm sure we will be bombarded with information extolling both the virtues and evils of the current first-past-the-post (FPTP) versus proportional representation (PR) systems. Because PR has never existed in our province, all information can only be conjecture and assumption.

However, years of FPTP have provided us with a few unrefuted facts. It repeatedly creates a disproportionate imbalance of power, as happened in 2001 when the Liberals garnered 97% of the seats with only 57% of the vote. Our democracy is further eroded with a party's refusal to allow our MLA's a free and open vote reflective of the constituents, instead forcing them to "toe the party line". We then have an autocracy which always leads to abuse of power and scandal.

Let's vote for a return to democracy in November. 

Robert Brown

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