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My friend owns a large cement manufacturing business, he says if he does not pay a good wage, the workers will not show up which means no business. He has calculated that $17+ an hour is fair to start. If the worker proves to be more productive and trainable, then wages increase. He is a smart fellow, respected and successful. 

Everyone in the work force has monthly expenses to be able to live and exist, this is not negotiable. If working does not provide this then the government is asked to supplement or just outright pay the welfare. Our government says that $28,000 per year is the poverty level for a family of four, it is about half that or a single person due to accommodations and efficacy. 

Should we begin with the tax department? If one person needs about $17,000 per annum to live on, then should his or her tax free earnings be set at that? Anything less will not be enough. You can be sure there will not be a bank account growing out of such low wages. It is a sad time that government legislation is required in this area. As an employer, is it not more advantageous to have loyal happy employees than to have unhappy ones?

Another friend owned a dry cleaning shop, very busy and successful. His employees stayed for years due to the proper attitude, decent wages and respect by the employer which in turn is repaid back by the happy workers. If you do not operate a good atmosphere in your business it will reflect back to you having problems with staff turnover, people not showing up for work and other problems. Is the problem on the part of the employer, the inability to pay or the not wanting to pay? The employer needs to re evaluate his position and decide which road he wants to travel, the one with many ruts and bumps or the paved one. 

Vancouver is already in trouble, I have a friend contracting to a large company which needs many electricians for the work. Now, electricians are not at the minimum wage scales but working and living in Vancouver has become a new sensation due to the high cost of accommodations. The electricians do not wish to relocate to Vancouver, some because of the cost of housing, so what to do? The company pays extra for living out allowances etc. 

Being and employer/business owner is not an easy task even today, there are many expenses to cover before the owner pays himself. 

Jorgen Hansen

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