Even little critters matter

Everyone with a fur baby of any shape and size even if the little critter has gills, if there is any need for anything especially an emergency call Rose Valley pet hospital.

I have a little rat and her name is Templeton she went through a pretty big surgery for quite a large mammary tumor that I had to get removed. At first I had her procedire done at a place in Rutland and long story short it did not go well at all, she had tore all her stitches the next morning and had a hole in her about an inch long and very deep. As I woke up to that I was at a complete loss for words I was told it was good and she definitely wouldn't get them open, now it is New Years day and nothing is open and all I can think about is losing a member of the family.

In my panic of calling 16 other vets around Kelowna and Winfield they would not help because the day and to them, it was only a rat but my roommate told me his mom said try Rose Valley, so I called them with fingers crossed and wishing for all the luck the world can throw at me. To my surprise I didn't need any of that because this is what the staff and Dr.Oz at Rose Valley do, they are there for your pets no matter the size, day or in my case if I am hard on funds because of the holidays. He had me at his office 40 minutes after taking her to them, he even put his own family on hold for my little Templeton. He had her fixed the next day and home early in the morning.

Now that's not even the end and this is where it goes above and beyond anything I could have even expected. She was doing so well a week and 3 days in until she got her nail snagged on a stitch and tore open a bit yet again. Now this is where I was mixed between putting her to sleep or seeing if she can heal again it was heartbreaking seeing her in the pain she was in and this has cost $600, I would easily spend $600 more but finances prevented me from doing so and as I went to make the call to put her to rest Dr. Oz called me and told me to just bring her in he will do it this time free of charge. My breath taken away and tears rolling down my face we drove and he saved her again. The next morning she was not doing okay, she seemed still depressed and in a lot of pain so again the thought came have I put her through enough? But like the people they are are they called just to check and see how she was doing, we told them our concerns and they said to come right in, he looked at her he said he will not give up on her as long as she has fight. That was the most comforting thing anyone has said in this whole nightmare.

They are keeping her for me while she heals up and I know she is in amazing hands and I can finally rest knowing she is getting the medication and care she needs. 

Joshua Nicholson

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