Did I miss something?

Mayor Fortin stated residents concerned with Peachland Council’s irregular development approval of a 5 storey high rise in a 3 storey zoning on Beach Avenue will have an opportunity for comment at the time of the Public Hearing. Again, she repeated this same statement in an email to me, have I missed something here?

I thought there was a policy and procedure in place when management recommends reworking the Official Community Plan, an amendment change of this magnitude would require: after the recommendation, some discussion at a COTW, in camera or regular council meeting, a motion, a vote and finally a date for a public hearing, if indeed the vote approved it.

How did we already arrive at the public hearing stage, has there already been private discussion on this subject, if so when an where? Is this normal practice for Peachland Council, if so could it be considered more than irregular. Today’s council agenda is calling for the first and second reading considerations and you say it is already a done deal.

This council can build all the splash parks, electric power stations, piers and monument to their term and themselves, unfortunately they will all be remembered for one issue and one issue only, the total cluster fiasco of the PeachTree development approval.

Taryn Skalbania

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