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Peachland Mayor and Council, you voted to give one developer approval to construct a 5 storey high rise on Beach Avenue, Peachland against the zoning of the current Official Community Plan and all other down town zoning documents. 

This caused the residents of Peachland to file a petition against this approval because is indirect conflict with the intent and wording of our OCP. Your lawyers have surely advised you that you will lose this court ruling if you proceed, so instead of rescinding the developers approval for PeachTree Village and allow a legal build of 3 stories. You are considering changing one word in the entire OCP document to read a wishy washy encouragement of 3 stories -except on the PeachTree site that can be built up to 5! Why does this lot get special treatment from the remainder of Beach Avenue, do you really think this strategy will hold up in the court of public opinion?

This tactic is an embarrassment: the horse has already left the barn, if you do not want to have egg on your face, do not heed the recommendations of your management and planning department but listen to your lawyers and residents, save taxpayers’ dollars by dropping this too little too late amendment to the OCP and rescind the building permit for PeachTree, it only takes 4 votes, surely 4 of you still want to run for council next year.

Ben Yamamoto

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