Canada on the world scene

In answer as to why we Canadians don't stay at home and be nothing on the world scene during war.

In World War One we had 400,000 involved and in World War Two we had one million enlisted all to do our part in this crazy world. Our country is made up from citizens who came here for a better world and they did so and in payment they served and I know given the chance, they would serve again.

My family came from Eastern Europe, split up with half the men going to the USA and the rest staying in Canada. To date 87 men and women from my family gave their lives in two world wars, Korea and Vietnam and five of us served in the Canadian Forces.

No one asked us to not join and serve our new countries. We just did what we thought was right, yes it costs lives, it costs money and I for one don't like losing men and women who chose to serve this great country.  We serve so that others may have the right to openly criticize what our country means on the world scene, it is called democracy.

Dale Dirks

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