Bannister gets it done!

The Tuesday before Christmas my husband and I went to Vancouver to take in a Canucks game and pick up our daughter from the airport  so she could spend the holidays with us.

It was a good trip until Wednesday morning when I went to my truck and found the rear passenger window smashed in. I guess whoever did it found some kind of satisfaction they didn't get much but that wasn't the point. The Sandman staff took care of all the broken glass and they even put on plastic so we could get back to Kelowna, cold yes but dry at least.

After the usual calls to the police and to ICBC we head home. There is no where in Vancouver that can get the job done for at least a couple of days so we will figure it out once we are home. One more call to the fine people at Bannister Collision and they tell me the best news, get your truck here before close and we will see what we can do. So through the snow and over the Coquihalla we go and make it back at 3:30 in order to directly proceed to Bannister. The amazing ladies have done homework before we got there, they found a window, the man who does all the background work for ICBC stays and does his work and then we wait.

I give them a call the next morning and Diane says she will call back in 1 hour. So I wait, sure enough, she says get your truck here and we will get the job done. I am gob smacked, I take my truck in and less than 3 hours later I have a window and a clean truck. Thirty six hours, approvals from ICBC and a window brought in from Alberta, installed by the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Customer service lives and so does Christmas spirit. Thank you Bannister Collision, you people are amazing!

Reagan Krivsky

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