MPs and the three stooges

One can remember the Three Stooges if you are old enough. I recall Moe (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), Curly, (the caucus) and Larry. So, what are the rest of the MPs? Can we call them Stooges? They have no real responsibility, just sit there and warm up the seats and wait for the pension. 

Remember, the Three Stooges digging a hole? Two are digging and Larry is filling it in. This is Ottawa, many Stooges and the hole is not completed. We, the voters “hire” 330 MPs to do our work in Ottawa. Then, “Moe” (Justin) chooses 40 or so “Curlys” to be in the caucus and the rest of the “Larrys” (MPs) just sit on the benches, only speak if they are allowed and always vote “with” Moe because Moe will “sign” his card again to run in the next election if he is a good little boy. 

Is this a democratic government? Moe is really a “dictator” but we can’t see the funny in this, it is a house of morons. They, themselves cannot see the farce in this process. Why I ask, do we hire 330 MPs when 40 or so will do? The rest 290, are redundant, are they not? So let us not call them morons, just redundant. I recall Moe (Justin) promised us the voters, to reform the system of voting to ask us, the voters if we were tired of the 1st past the post system. Soon after he is the dictator, he says “Oh, you really don’t want reform”.  Do you think Moe will be re-elected next time?  

Compare Ottawa to a hockey game, we only need 5 players out there the rest can warm the seats. Canadians may be tired of this system of fools. Don’t be afraid of a change in the system, it cannot be any worse than what we have now. 

Happy New Year Canadians. 

Jorgen Hansen

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