Bad drivers are scary

After observing a very large number of people on the roads recently, I have come to the conclusion that the Okanagan needs its very own television show on bad drivers.

If the Drivers wish to achieve any one of the following actions of
- A very serious head on collision that could kill them
- A sideswipe of another vehicle to create a domino effect with multiple vehicles
- A t-bone into a rock bluff or concrete barricade
- Stuffing your vehicle over an embankment (repeatedly)
- Or simply rolling your vehicle over on a straight stretch of roadway

It is a very simple process when your vehicle is equipped with all season tires or better, as you are driving along on the ice and snow you simply press down firmly on the gas pedal and by gosh or by torque one of the above is going to happen very quickly. Wow who knew, oh golly gee ICBC is going to buy me a new car and everybody else gets to pay for it and the icing on the cake is the personal injury claim. Oh yes ICBC pays out on bad driving all too frequently. All of these incidents happened multiple times just in one day.

Twenty five percent of the road fatalities are caused by drinking drivers, a very terrible situation, but it is the other seventy five percent of the drivers that scare the bejesus out of me.

Mark Coleman

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