Counting blessings?

10.2 Million Canadians rely on Food Banks in Canada annually. Your letter mentions dominating the G7 
most influential country in the world, economic prosperity, child poverty.

The average Canadian doesn't care about the G7, or how many international meetings we host, or our influence in the world. The child benefit program that you mentioned amounts to about 200$ per child per year for the average Canadian family, that is a nothing.  That 400$ will be eaten up in 6 months by ever increasing energy costs.

What concerns Canadians? The very real possibility of the Bank of Canada increasing interest rates
personal debt,  some 1.70 going out for 1.00 coming in. The highest ever healthcare waiting times. Seniors  and how will they live, how will Canadians be able to pay rent in 10 years? Who can afford to send their children to post-secondary anymore, electricity and Gas. Finding a Job, aboriginal Canadians in our Northern regions, Canadians reliance on food banks. Never being able to buy a home, grocery costs for healthy foods, real help for Canadians with mental disabilities.

So naturally the average Canadian scratches their head and wonders why this or any government doesn't seem to worry about Canadians and their real problems, our current government is spending money that isn't there. We simply could not afford to take in the refugees in the numbers that we are.  The billions of dollars on this program should have been spent on the problems that we already have. Sending 100's of millions of dollars of Aid abroad makes Canada look great on the world stage,  we need that aid here.

Ken Warren 

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