Animal cruelty must stop

Kelowna Vegan Advocates has launched a new billboard campaign to make Kelowna area residents think about why they love some animals (dogs, cats) yet eat other animals (pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys). We are encouraging our community to consider veganism as a way to prevent extreme animal cruelty, and as a way to improve personal health and protect the environment.

Kelowna Vegan Advocates is a group of five concerned vegan women who contributed to and raised funds for a billboard through a GoFundMe account. Our intention is to continue our vegan advertising campaign to raise awareness about the cruelty of animal agriculture. We appreciate any donations, small or large, made to our GoFundMe account: https://www.gofundme.com/kelownaveganadcampaign

"More than a dozen undercover investigations into Canada's meat, egg, and dairy farms and slaughterhouses have revealed extreme cruelty to animals. The best way for Canadians to prevent animal abuse is to simply leave animals off their plate and switch to a compassionate, healthy vegan diet.” 

Learn more at Mercy for Animals.

Wendy Aigne

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