Lobbying and corruption

We have 1400 registered lobbyist in Victoria, 3300 registered in Ottawa and 70,000 registered in Washington, DC. So, what do lobbyist do? Let us refer to Brian Mulroney: lobbyist carry suitcases of cash into an office and ask for certain favours like will Air Canada buy Airbus planes or something along that line. If Brian says, yes we will then Karl Hans Schrieider would leave one or two of the suitcases behind and walk out with a smile.

This is all covered in the book: On the Take With Brian Mulroney by Stevie Cameron. This is not fiction or speculation. What does the effect of so many lobbyist have on government function? We end up with four used not fit for sailing submarines that the UK did not even want to put into service. Billions were spent here and not one boat is fit to sail. Now they talk of the need for more submarines? 

BC government of past times sold BC Rail to one bidder with inside info transferred out to the buyer and a deal was made. BC taxpayers ended up with a $6 million lawyers/court cost for the insiders trial well, go figure. How much was paid by lobbyist we will not know, it is a secret.

Now our feds want new fighter jets from Boing but the deal went sour. I wonder if there were lobbyist involved in that deal? This is not peanuts we speak of, it is billions. Lobbyist do not live of free air, they expect to be paid for smoothing out the wrinkles in these deals. Maybe with 330 members of parliament in stock in Ottawa we should require “all of them” to be on the inside of all these billion dollar purchases, then the lobbyist would require many more millions in bribes for all the 330 MPs, thus we could reduce the annual pay of all the MPs as they are now paid by the lobbyists. It does not seem as these deals are all above the table. 

When I worked, we were required to accept at least three bids for any job to be done by contractors so we could compare costs. The government should also consider open bids for any purchase and put it all out in the open in  front of the 330 MPs to consider. If this cannot be done, maybe a referendum at ballot time would put an end to this corruption and 35 million Canadians could make the decision. Too many expensive secrets behind closed doors in government. 

Jorgen Hansen

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