Vet applications gets worse

Beginning in 1992 I began to challenge Veterans Affairs as to why they took their sweet time in processing claims. Never a logical answer except we are working very hard  to correct the situation. Fast forward to the New Veterans charter by MP Macallum (Liberal) nothing changed except angering veterans who were waiting for some resolution to their claims and not very happy with the award system which is used today saving millions of dollars to government.

Under the Conservatives who had two terms to correct the situation, we saw Ministers Blaney, Fantino, Otoole who himself was a veteran, did nothing to correct the problem except close 9 veteran offices. Now we had Minister Hehr who is somewhat incapacitated do nothing and now the new Minister, comes clean and says government understands the situation and is working hard (actually hardly working) to make the wait time and back log of applicants less.

Same hole but different shovel. All said the same, none corrected the situation and veterans by the thousands are waiting for some form of a decision on their claims. Our MP Steve Fehr is a veteran, Senior Officer,  Major retired, and we have a Lt General, Naval Capt, LCol as MPs, all senior officers and we veterans have not heard a peep out of them.

Dale Dirks

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