Vernon has serious issues

For the last six or so years I worked as a taxi driver in Vernon and before that was a delivery driver. I have spent a lot of time on the streets of the town and recently was forced to move out of town out of fear for my families future. The rental crisis is out of control, and there seems to be some very serious problems that are only found in Vernon, no where else really. Yet everyone in Vernon either passes them off as being normal, or pretends like they do not exist at all.

I don't want to talk about the homeless problem as that is nothing more than just a symptom of all the other problems. I don't want to talk about how I personally witnessed police in Vancouver and surrey area when I lived there in 2009/2010 (right before the Olympics)  handing out Greyhound tickets to problematic people and suggesting they use our clinics.

What I want to talk about is the incredible amount of greed, selfishness, inward thinking, denial of anyone else's problems and complete hypocrisy of the people in powerful positions within the town.Someone made money off shipping methadone users from across BC to Vernon. Someone is making money off the top in hiring new police officers, someone is making money off the incredibly fake and obvious real estate scheme going on.

Vernon is the only town I have ever seen were every Tim Horton's have needle drop boxes in all the bathrooms in areas kids would just stick their hands into. Every one in Vernon seems to have a mean or angry demeanor. Like when you come into town as a tourist, everyone on the streets, on the roads looks worn and hard and mean. The workers at the restaurants look like they are tired of everyone, the motel workers look disgusted in the customers that walk in the door. The convenient store workers look like they are deathly afraid of being robbed and look at everyone as a potential robber.

Vernon has the worst prostitute problem I have ever seen, it is very upsetting that my life in Vernon was so negatively effected by all they symptoms that come from a town with a prostitute problem. I don't blame the prostitutes, I think it is the governments fault for allowing such behavior, not making any attempt to make the problem public, get help or anything.

I see no help from government both national or provincial, I see no acknowledgement of the problem at all. I see no help from the Churches, I see no help from other citizens, I see no help from the families of the homeless. You really believe there is a Liquidation world downtown sitting empty, a old Canadian Tire sitting empty, tons of abandoned and empty buildings and homes all in Vernon, and The city has no options other than the parks to put the homeless?

Someone somewhere is perpetuating the problems in Vernon. Someone has a goal, and a reason. I personally choose to leave. I honestly don't see the town getting better what so ever within even 10 years. In fact I just see it getting worse and worse. It cannot get better until people start acknowledging the true problems of Vernon and not focus on the homeless. 

There is massive problems and the mayor, police, and officials making it out the be like there is no issues at all and the people who say Vernon has issues are over reacting, and wrong. Fine, stay in denial, I am leaving, and never looking back.

Albert J. Pyle

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