City taxes unsustainable

While awaiting city council to approve our upcoming budget, it allows time to question. For the last 4 years we have seen larger than expected increases in our taxes, with the number one reason being our new police station. A 40 million dollar bill spread over that time.

Now that it is behind us, we should be able to realize some benefits. First being our burden of (my guess) approximately 10 million dollars not needed to be spent on the project and second, should we not see some efficiency resulting from the new building? Should this not allow us to hold off on more staff? 

With the cost of policing skyrocketing, especially with the impending unionization of the RCMP, maybe it’s time to pull in the reins. I feel that our Mayor and Council need to be much more fiscally responsible. We can’t keep spending like there is no bottom to the pit of tax money.

It can’t be easy to balance the needs and wants of a city, I get it, but to increase our taxes at double the rate of inflation is irresponsible. We all have to watch what we spend, if we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it. It is common sense. Time to get serious and make some hard decisions. This is a great time to see if this current council is worthy of another term.

Brad Airey

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