Bicycles in Kelowna

It is interesting to note that in our evolving city the number of cyclists is ever increasing and encouraged by our local governments.

While this may be all good and well,  it is very apparent that this increase has not been supported by education of the cyclists. The British Columbia Bicycle Operator’s Manual (Bike Sense) is an excellent publication easily found on line. The manual states “cyclists have the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle”. Cyclists are quick to point out they have the same  “rights” but largely neglect or are unaware of their “duties”.

As a driver of a vehicle, I have to have a drivers license and operate a licensed and insured vehicle. Why is this not applied to cyclists? If I am in contravention of the “rules of the road” I will likely get pulled over in short order. When was the last time anyone saw the RCMP pull over a cyclist? How legal are the green bike lanes as there appears to be some conflict with the “rules of the road” and we may be placing cyclists in jeopardy.

Twice this week I have witnessed cyclists crossing Hwy 97 in the dark, against the traffic lights and with no helmet, lights or reflectors. Cyclists need to take equal responsibility for their actions. With the increase in bicycle traffic, there needs to be positive education and enforcement of the “rules of the road” for all drivers alike.

Don Williams

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