Council changed not us

There were a couple of articles last week about the woes of the mayor. It was written about the experience covering council meetings and how the behaviour of the folks in the gallery has deteriorated in the last couple of years. There was blame for people showing a lack of respect for the council, the office, and the political process. I think that rather than disrespect, what you're seeing is complete disappointment and frustration with the way recent issues have been handled by some council and staff.

People haven't changed over the years. We have been quietly contributing to the health and wealth of the community. We are the same people that live in, love and support the community. Our sense of pride and respect have not changed, we have not changed. What has changed is council, and the priorities of district staff and some council members, particularly the mayor's. We have been provoked with political and administrative initiatives that threaten our quality of life and we feel betrayed. We placed a lot of stock in our community and cultural plans, indeed it's why we choose to live here.  

High density condos, processing other communities’ waste, threatening our environment, and putting money above all is not what we're about. We are about developing affordable family and senior's housing, supporting and growing local businesses within our community plans and encouraging our youth.

Although I do not, under any circumstances, condone bullying, perhaps if the mayor himself respected the Official Community Plan, and realigned his actions with his election platform, he wouldn't find his feet to the fire. Perhaps then too our editor would enjoy attending council meetings again and we could all relax and enjoy one of many Summerland's delights.

Rita Connacher

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