Towed into an undertow

I wanted to write a letter to you in regards to towing companies and their lack of accountability to their consumers (victims). I'm not the type of person to complain and yes I've had a horrible day, but I'm using this energy to write a letter about an issue that I know thousands of people have fall victim to. I live at the Verve to start. Today I was getting ready to bring my child to kindergarten when I realized my vehicle wasn't there. Displayed is a towing sign from a towing company, I assume the car has been towed.   

I call the towing company and they say "yes, we have your car, it was towed because it was parked in two spots and it was phoned in from your security". Upon further investigation and other tenants mention to me that they have had their vehicles towed with no explanation. I asked the tow company to provide evidence that my vehicle was tow-able and they responded with "we don't need to show you evidence or anything in writing as proof of a reason to tow". So, I called my building manager his response was "I'm not dealing with this issue".  My vehicle was having issues with the ignition, which is why I parked it on a decline (jump start it) in a visitor parking spot. I informed the manager that I would park there being that it was Saturday and no mechanics were available until Monday. 

I've lived in three separate buildings in the past four years at the Verve, moving due to leases ending. Over the past year I've heard of five or six people complain that their vehicles were towed without any reason. So, I think to myself that’s not right, maybe you should talk to Strata. What I'm wondering is, how many people have fallen victim to their cars being towed without any reason? They have basically kidnapped your car with a ransom that goes up every day you don't pay it. So now I've started questioning why is this like this? I'm in contact with the Solicitor General for feedback, the Motor Transportation in Kelowna and seeking other leads to help bring justice to the thousands of people and their cars held ransom until $190+ fine is paid. If evidence was at least provided then yes we could have something to go to court with, but without evidence they have basically taken a vehicle at their own discretion. 

So, I seek getting the story of a victim, made public and for others to come forward with their stories of how a tow truck company have taken their vehicle hostage without proof of a tow. I plead that there needs to be accountability for the citizens and hard proof of a tow-able offence. Everyone has a smartphone, take a picture, prove it to us. Instead this becomes a money making ring that who knows how deep it goes. If I took your vehicle for no reason and left a ransom note, I would be charged by the police. Although if the tow companies take it for no reason and leave nothing but a sign up with their number it's legal. They get your $190 and know that most people wont go further then that. 

Well today I say it ends, I will not be a victim to this shakedown! 

Greg Burke

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