Mandatory detox

Well said Robert Brown, I completely agree. City counselors had a meeting and say they don't know what to do? I personally feel the answer is so clear “mandatory detox” then give the recovering addict a choice for rehab odds are they will then choose rehab.

The addiction is so strong much stronger then the will to quit on their own. When an addict is using they are consumed with where they will get their next fix, its not about quitting. Mandatory detox, would give them an opportunity to have a clear mind and then the ability to choose help/support with rehabilitation.

Currently all the city is doing is helping them to stay high and safe while doing so? How about forcing them to stop! Or at the very least get to a place where their minds are somewhat clear and they are capable of making
a choice around getting the help they need.

If we could all just love and support ONE addict we could change the crisis/world, truly that is what they need, understanding, love, kindness and compassion.

Terry Cobb

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