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Our first snowfall of the year on Thursday, November 2, 2017, even with plowing and sanding found the conditions on Solly Road requiring a four wheel drive. Thursday through to the following Monday, two wheel drive vehicles were still backing down Solly Road because they could not make the steep grade from Broad St. to Cook St. Solly Road does not meet the terms of reference to make it a Collector Road under the Summerland Transportation Master Plan. 

It cannot support another two thousand vehicles, if Lark’s Development proposal is sanctioned. If an attempt to make Solly a collector road is made, it will cost the District of Summerland a lot more than the reported 1.2 million. A collector road must also collect other collector roads, not just Hwy. 97 and a mega development. It would have to collect with Peach Orchard and/or Lakeshore, given the topography it should collect both, has this been brought into the equation?   

Another of many concerns I have relates to the Fish Hatchery. The aquifer which has supplied the water source for this gift to our community for the last 100 years, supplies 3,500,000 liters (almost 1 million gallons) of water every day at a constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius year-round. That is why previous councils over the years have worked to diligently protect the Hatchery. It is also why our Official Community Plan stipulates low density to medium density for lower town. As well, our Zoning bylaws reflect the same.

This is what you, our present Mayor and Council are considering changing. A mega development proposal at this location on Banks Crescent was a mistake over 18 months ago, but we are still completing studies, wasting tax dollars, staff time, causing extreme stress on local residents, you the Council, staff and the community as a whole.

I also marvel at the positive spin that the former planner, our present planner and staff put on every report they give for this particular development. I see little in any reports to council that reflect the negative aspects. There will be far more costs to the tax payer than any development cost charges received or property taxes generated!

Orv Robson

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