Emissions target not viable

How does Tracy propose farm vehicles operate?  Will she be heavily subsidizing the changeover of vehicles used for work on or around farms, construction sites, etc?  How does she plan to handle the incredibly large rural countryside around the area? 

The bus system doesn't service many remote locations where people call Kelowna home. Many people choose to live on the outskirts and work in town for various reasons, this means a commute that many times does not jive with the bus system. "Gas tax"? I thought we already had a gas tax! In fact I thought we had several taxes already being levied at the pump! Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The issue with Tracy's goals is the sprawling nature of the greater Kelowna area and the Central Okanagan as a whole. Being a major city en-route to and from the coast also makes her target difficult if not impossible to reach. She can't control the vehicles travelling through Kelowna from somewhere to somewhere every day, nor can she control people coming from smaller communities to shop, visit, take in events, etc while they are here in Kelowna. She'd have better luck dictating how YLW's incoming planes are to handle their emissions!  

Now if Kelowna did not have YLW, if Kelowna was not on a major Canadian highway corridor, if Kelowna did not act as the hub of the Central Okanagan, if Kelowna did not have a massive agricultural sector and if Kelowna did not have a sprawling rural population outside of Central City, Downtown, and the Lower Mission then maybe,maybe a 50% chance her targets would be reachable.

Marilynn Dawson

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