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Lynn Kelsey, aka “Mama Bear” here with my thoughts on recent costly consequences to Penticton residents for the council to learn yet another lesson. Again, their haste to push through full speed ahead on issues, without taking the time to get all the information and do their due diligence, has cost the Penticton taxpayers thousands of dollars.

The council stated that the BC Wine Information Society was naïve in not having a lawyer to negotiate relocations costs but, the city was also negligent in not having legal counsel to make sure the parameters of the “contract” were clear and concise. I have repeatedly asked this council to make sure they get all the information and allow time for sober thought before moving ahead.

Skaha Lake was the most obvious situation in which the council did not listen to the people There have been many public hearings at which the council has made decisions within a few minutes of the public hearing despite and contrary to, the many concerns expressed, Kinney Avenue comes to mind.

The mayor keeps saying “Mia Culpa” and “lesson learned”. When will the Mayor and council actually learn from their mistakes and listen to the citizens? Also, please remember that the city is using the Alternate Approval Process for the Skaha Bluffs Property. If they are able to get this through using the AAP then we can look forward to many other land or money issues being pushed through.

This council campaigned on being transparent yet they continue to make decisions without due consideration to the people and behind closed doors. I will continue to question and hold them accountable. I invite you to make yourself aware of the issues and courageously speak out. Budget time is coming up. Go to the information sessions that the city is holding and let them know your priorities. Also, please attend the Forum on the Official Community Plan. Let’s make sure that the vision for Penticton comes from the people of Penticton.

Lynn Kelsey

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