Highway closures

I hope fines are handed out!

We have all seen those signs in regards to tires and chains. It is not even winter yet (by calendar) and yes, it did snow a couple of times. Every single time I see that white stuff come down, I wonder how long it will take until there is an accident or a highway closure or both.

I would like to know, what the fine is for not installing the chains and then cause a closure (no accident). I have seen truck drivers that did not even know what a snow-chain is, never mind the knowledge to install one and then drive with one. Just recently I drove back from Williams Lake and it was snowing from Monte Creek all the way to Kelowna. However, there was a stretch with next to no snow, starting near Falkland and ending north of Vernon. On that very stretch I saw two trucks with plows, the first one plowed the side of the road with very little snow, the second one followed behind, not plowing at all (there wasn't anything to begin with) and I can't say for sure if he was sanding. Both of them turned into their yard, I guess it was time for a break or go home. No other plows have been seen anywhere.

Those two things should not happen anywhere at any time. If you have seen some episodes of "Highway through Hell", do you recall what they say at the beginning of each episode? "Closing the Highway is not an option". 

Well, it's a good joke if nothing else

Roger von Dach

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