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Adrian Dix, As “our” representative, I would ask that you seriously reconsider your position on the drug to help Cystic Fibrosis and Orkambi. To witness the success of this drug on Canadian patients and then simply deny them access is cruel and unusual punishment. We are the people of Canada, we are those with families who worked, volunteered, served and bled to ensure that our families could live and contribute to this great nation.
I caution you to not view this case as a number but instead to look into those great things that make us Canadian. To serve our citizens, to protect us against flawed policy and to speak out in our behalf when our voices go unheard. The ill are not, and should not, be responsible for lobbying for these things. They are at their weakest, suffering not only the physical implications of their illness but also the realization of the toll that this process takes on their loved ones. Their efforts should be in fighting their affliction, not policies. Take a moment to remember the “real” reason that you entered into your political career, your desire to facilitate change, to make this Country a little bit better. I understand that you are likely being pushed by others to make tough decisions, but remember that a tough decision is not always the right decision.
Recently, an extremely well respected Professor at UBC spoke with me about an contentious issue on campus. A request had been made with regards to a specific research application, a request that was denied simply because of its controversial nature. Despite the fact that it was unrelated to his specific faculty, he approached the board and voiced his support for the project and the tenacity of the student. This was a position not supported by the administration and placed him in a somewhat precarious position.
I asked him “why? Why would you do that when there would be no benefit to your faculty or you personally”.
To this he answered, “very few times in your life will you be given the opportunity to stand up for what you know to be right and in those rare instances, when that moment arrives and you are given the opportunity to stand up for what you believe even at the risk of your career, how could you not?“
Please make choices that are good for Canadians. Be a leader that inspires and empowers us to change a broken system so that our children’s children are protected from policy like this in the future.

Chris Pearson

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