Just a few friends over

On the 28th of October my youngest daughter who is 14 had a few friends over (5) . Their idea was to hang out and do what teenage girls do these days. Later three more kids who were not invited showed up, shortly thereafter and I'm not yet sure how they found out but I've heard the word Snapchat mentioned, 20 plus kids showed up and "forced their way in." Followed by another group of much older kids.

It seems there was a party close by and that party migrated to my house. How word got out that a few middle school girls were on their own in a parents house has yet to be determined but in a very short time jewelry was stolen including wedding rings, my alcohol cabinet was emptied and money was stolen. The younger kids had their backpacks stolen which contained their wallets and phones and my youngest daughter's bedroom mirror was shattered.

All this regardless of my daughters and her friends pleading for everyone to leave. All these older kids would do is laugh at them and make fun of their crying. The RCMP were called and once they appeared they all left.

What was left behind was a small group of shattered and extremely frightened teenagers, cigarette burns in the carpets, alcohol stains on walls, my main floor carpets are destroyed and need replacing. Doors were punched in, baseboard was broken off and tire tracks across my front lawn. 

My reason for writing this letter, do you parents out there ever ask your children where they were and what they were doing when they were out? Or where they got certain articles from if it doesn't look familiar? As parents we have a responsibility to know where our kids are and what they are doing. Maybe just maybe they could be harming someone or someone else's property.

David Wood

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