Beyond cell repair

EK Cell Repair went above and beyond my expectations for customer service.

I started my day with a phone that wouldn’t make or receive calls, volume didn’t work and a few other features didn’t work. I called the cellular service provider only to be told that it would cost me approximately $300.00 to get into a new phone as I was still within the 2 year contract. They advised that I should go to EK Cell Repair as they possibly might be able to fix it.

They advised to leave the phone with them for a few hours and promptly called me 2.5 hours later advising that my phone was now fixed and ready for pick up! I got there and not only did the gentleman clean it for me, he tested it again and didn’t charge me! Absolutely made my week.

Huge thank you and to anyone who has phone issues I would definitely recommend you pay EK Cell Repair a visit!

Pam Berman

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