Greedy seniors?

While the Harper government was in power they decided to just take all the monies that working people had put into a "locked" pension account that no one was supposed to touch.

Well Harper took all that money and handed it to his "cronies", he would give seniors and disabled people 1/10th of the cost of living increase. Obviously this Liberal government has not looked at that system. The seniors and disabled used to get about a 1% to 3% increase, Harper lowered it to .01% to .03% instead!

Seniors and the disabled will never catch up, this is money we all paid into. Harper's government decided we were being greedy and opened those locked and protected accounts then gave it to his buddies to divide between them! Harper's cronies also got huge severance packages when they left their positions from those locked and protected accounts, leaving the seniors and disabled to fend for themselves.

Mr. Trudeau, please take a look at these accounts (if there is anything left) and give it back to the people who actually paid into it!

Kerry Kozak

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