Lack of respect for elders

I am somewhat concerned as to the children we have raised.

My wife and I are grandparents and recently drove to Penticton with our 80 year old disabled mother to watch our grandson and great grandson play hockey. His team is made up of players throughout the okanagan and they were playing against a Penticton team. These are 12 year old kids enjoying Canada’s favourite game, as were we, or at least that was our intention.

My wife and mother supposedly sat on the wrong side of the bleachers in search of the only overhead heater close enough for warmth because of her disability. Apparently there is an unwritten assigned seating arrangement in the Penticton Arena as we came to find out. They were rudely told to sit elsewhere by Penticton parents and when trying to leave, they were ridiculed and one father deliberately stood in their way, knowing full well our disabled mother couldn’t jump down the bleachers.

I realize not everyone is like this, but this did not show well for Penticton and even worse, a poor example to the children we all go to watch and encourage. We are not teaching our children or grandchildren sportsmanship if we cannot practice it in the stands as adults. Lord help us if these participation trophy raised parents and their lack of respect for their elders are going to lead us into the future.

Thanks for the warm welcome to your community.

Ed Vermette

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