Eroding principles

After 400 years of immigration and growth, the world looks to Canada as a bastion of hope and second chances, a place of opportunity for the oppressed and the "have nots" to become a contributing member of a diverse people that value tolerance and acceptance, to live peacefully in a nation founded on democracy, freedom, and equality. 

But as with all things of great value, we must remain ever vigilant guarding these principles that so many before us have worked so hard for. How disconcerting it is to realize that from the 1968 election onward we, the naïve and apathetic baby boomers have allowed the gradual erosion of these very principles brick by brick. This has caused resentment, frustration, and clashes between us and in all probability will only become more prevalent.

We have allowed our democratic system to be perverted and transformed from a governing body for the people, to a ruling body over the people. One where the interests of the people are a third priority behind the interests of the Prime Minister (Premier) first, and their party second, the only thing that matters is to stay in power. The electoral system is no longer one where the winner is the one that received the most votes. The abuse of office and its perks are the new norm and always, always leaving the country with a bigger debt than what was inherited. Sooner or later the piper must be paid.

We hire a national police force to uphold our laws and to do so with integrity, honesty, and accountability. Yet with each passing year we see examples of members smearing this great national institution, from the disgraced Monty Robinson to accused perjurer and top-cop Commissioner Zaccardelli.

How can we truly be equal when some of us are exempt from rules that others have to follow, when some of us enjoy benefits that others are denied? This line of thinking does nothing to nurture mutual respect, but in fact may foster resentment.

Doesn't true freedom mean we should be able to pursue a life of our choosing as long as it follows the law and doesn't cause imposition, harm, or cost to others. To live as one people, each in our own uniqueness, fulfilling the same obligations and enjoying the same benefits once earned?

Given the atmosphere south of the border, we may want to re-examine past decisions at the polls and think toward election day 2019. The ranks of the "lunatic fringe" may be growing and we could be facing trying times ahead. 

Robert Brown

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