When holiday ads are okay

With regard to the issue of when Christmas advertising and selling should begin: 

I was listening to CBC yesterday. The discussion on air from 12:30 till 1 p.m was just infuriating to me. I was so angry, I felt nauseated. 

When is it appropriate to begin advertising Christmas sales? Some businesses are arguing that now, in fact, is fine. September; they could not be morally more in the wrong. 

Fall ads aim first at Thanksgiving customers and then, Halloween. It's near impossible to get the public to pay attention to much else until Halloween is done. 

Then, if we have any shred of decency, we should give our attention, respect and donations to veterans and the charities that support them. You know, the men and women who fought for our right to free markets and free enterprise and all the other freedoms we so easily come to take for granted in this country. Guys who came back shot up, torn and broken in body and spirit. Those who grieve privately still and in some cases, decades later, for the young men whose friends that did not come back at all. 

For 11 days at the start of November, the veterans deserve to be front and center. Not shoved into the hohoho background. We all might even show a modicum of gratitude. Is that too much to ask? 

November 12 is okay to begin Christmas pandering, not before. 

The season to be greedy is becoming more offensive to me with each year that passes. But at least we need to let the veterans have the little bit of the year that is supposed to be theirs. 

Dwight Wendell

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