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What year is it? I'm pretty sure it is 2017. 

How long have insurance corporations been operating in Canada? Is one to assume that in the year 2017 an insurance corporation is unable to properly manage their finances?  ICBC has proven that the corporation is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.They have been collecting funds for a specific purpose only to have the funds misappropriated by individuals that feel the funds are better used for other purposes. Now that the funding necessary to operate an insurance corporation are spent, the corporation is looking for ways to renew its funding by means of the current insurance payees.

There are specific individuals that have misappropriated the funds. Those individuals that have misappropriated the policy holders funds should be held criminally responsible. 

ICBC is government run corporation. All decisions made within this corporation have legal documentation. Individuals that have misappropriated the funding should be charged with a criminal offence.  

Wayne Whatley

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