Car inspections not needed

Sorry, all you anti-personal vehicle types. I am old enough to remember when Vancouver had a comprehensive private vehicle inspection program. It was administered by a public entity, but was rife with abuse. 

If you were a younger driver with an older car, you were subject to the most ridiculous nit-picking that had nothing to do with vehicle safety. If a test had only the criteria of safe steering, stopping, basically good body integrity, good lights and horn, that would be fine. Unfortunately, such an inspection would go to the private sector who's main objective, just like the old "AirCare" program, was to fail vehicles through unreasonable criteria and generate profit for the private operators. Don't get fooled, AirCare started off gently at first and then they started "moving the goalposts" to increase the failure/retest rate. 

Realistically very few, if any accidents are caused by an actual private vehicle component failure anymore. With all the modern safety monitoring equipment in vehicles these days brake and steering failure are nearly impossible. Even older vehicles have redundant braking systems. 

When most vehicles die, they simply end up at the side of the road waiting for a tow, no danger there. Commercial heavy trucks are a far greater hazard, concentrate the inspections on them. 

Andrew Kiesewetter

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