A Threat To Their Cause?

To the editor:

And just exactly what is "the cause" that these liberal women's groups consider is under threat from Stephen Harper? Of course the answer that immediately pops into anyone's head is, "the right to choose abortion". Besides the fact that upon closer inspection of exactly what abortion is and does we discover that it is an abhorrent wrong choice that nobody should ever have the right to choose (except if the woman's life is in danger, ie. ectopic pregnancies), there exists other causes that are extremely important and worth fighting for.

For example, the cause of upholding the democratic process of free votes in parliament, on abortion or any other issue. Then their is the cause of ensuring all people have the right to life from the moment of conception until natural death. Or what about the cause of being protected from dismemberment and decapitation, no matter what stage of the lifespan we are at? My question for these "women's groups" is, "What about the 50,000 unborn Canadian females in Canada a year who are denied the most basic right of all - the right to life, and are slaughtered with a legal abortion?" Obviously, they care nothing about, or fail to recognize these female human beings.

Herein lies the single issue that divides the pro life and the pro abortion sides of the issue - pro lifers recognize the unborn as the legitimate, actual, human beings that science has proven they are (and fight for their inherent right to life) and pro choicers do not.

The fact is is that we all began our lives as conceptuses, embryos, fetuses, and infants. As such, it is beyond irony that pro choicers are fighting for a "right" that could have easily killed them while they were in these stages! In reality, all of us ought to be thankful that we were protected by law, or that our mother's were pro life, while we were in the early stages of our lives.

-Marlon Bartam

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