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To the editor:

I think that G.C.P. should retract his/her letter about paying your own medical bills if you drink, smoke or do drugs. All the above are choices that we all make ourselves but this telling people to pay their own medical is ludicrous! Where does it end. There are alot of things out there that I would never do such as rock climbing, back country skiing, water skiing, dirt biking etc... These are activities that everyone can make a choice to do or not to do. Why should I have to pay for their medical bills if they choose to slide down a rock face and injure themselves. Now they need to be rescued and air lifted because they are in a remote area and who is going to pay for that bill?

Just because we choose do something shouldn't be reason enough to have someone pay for their own medical. If there is such a concern about this then make the activity illegal and then we would have NO choice but to pay for are own medical if we get into trouble. So until the government outlaws smoking and drinking (which by the way, is there largest cash cow next to gas) I would suggest that these people who oppose paying for our medical bills lobby the government for some new laws instead!


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