Pay For Old Habits

To the editor:

In regards to Pay your own medical bill, I have to say that I used to smoke and quit almost ten years ago, I am a non smoker now but your plan would suggest that I too should pay for my own medical bill because my old smoking habit has made me sick! I like to have a beer now and again, probably a couple of times a week I enjoy to sit on my deck and drink an ice cold beer on a wonderful Okanangan day!

You speak of people who make there child sick to go drink it up, I have five children, and now four grandchildren but I have yet to raise a perfect one, as a matter of fact people have been around a long time but nobody has found a perfect one yet since the birth of Christ! You talk about how if we have a small cut we should stay home and put a bandaid on it or for a common cold we should stay in bed and keep warm, everytime one of my children got sick for what ever reason I took them and got an expert opinion from my doctor before I assumed it was nothing more than a common cold!

Also, I think you will find that a large amount of smokers would love to quit but guess what, it's an addiction, just like booze and drugs! If you really want to help the situation, help these people break these bad choices they have made in life! If you have ever smoked and quit you know how big a task that is! You mentioned your in the medical industry, your complaint sounds to me more like a work complaint. You say that we should adapt the medicare program of the USA, well thats why Canada, is the best damn country in the world to live, because we care for ALL of it's people, the wealthy and the poor alike, the addicted and the non addicted, the sick and the not so sick.

My point is you are either part of the problem or the solution, I don't say go ahead smoke, drink, do drugs but pay your own bills, I say lets band together and find a way to beat these addictions and save these people from people like you!


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