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To the editor:

I really think that the people that smoke, do drugs and drink all the time should be able to pay the medical bills that come with their habits. Why should we the non users of the above have to pay your way to get you better health. After all your destroying your own health all by yourself. In the States the medical is paid by the families not the Government, why can't Canada adopt that program?

You'll find a lot less sick people when they have to pay for the habits that they started years ago. I go to the emergency and I see lots of people there with a cut so small you can't even see it really. Go home and put a band-aid on it and some polysporin! People you have a common cold stay at home in a warm cozy bed! What is the doctor going to do but tell you "just wait it out"! So, to see a doctor to get sent home anyway you should have thought about it first.

That alone would save our medical money for the more serious ones. I have worked in hospitals for many years as an LPN and it is sad what you see. In Manitoba, I was working when a family came in and said that their 1 year old boy drank liquid dish soap....sure it gives the runs and they keep him for a couple of days. All sorts of tests are done, and all that really happened was the young parents wanted a night out to party so they fed the little one a dinner of soap! They admitted doing it later on (to another mom) when the child was going home after 3 days of tests out of our pockets people.

Now, people that is sad and think of the pain your child will have. Look at the money the medical has to put out for people that are not thinking of what it costs everyone. So, unless it is an emergency don't go running to get help for the common cold or a little scratch you can fix with the band-aid. Our doctors and nurses are over worked as it is with all the cutbacks!

So, I say smoke, drink and do drugs...pay your own bills if you can afford those fine items, you can afford the fine health care dollars when the need arises or later on in your lives.


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